Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New soap mold!

 My hubby bought me a new 5# soap mold! I love it! BUT I forgot to cover my soap with baking paper and oops, the top is no longer new. =)
 I made this batch from Calendula infused oil. I love it!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Let the decluttering begin!

We are (mostly) settled into the new house.  I've recently discovered that we have a lot of stuff. I don't know where most of it even came from. We all have way to much clothing. WAY to much. I've given away 10 huge boxes and still have Mt. Clothes to go through.
 So, I'm setting daily goals. Tomorrow I'm going to go through all the closets and donate everything that is to small/out of style/hasn't been worn or we just don't like. My boys share a closet , N on one side , J on the other. so that should be easy. If it doesn't fit N move it to J's side. A does not need 50,000 dresses. Yes, that would be my fault for making her a new dress for every holiday & birthday. Her favorite dresses can be saved for her kids.  I don't need college shirt that no longer fit, nor do I need those skinny jeans that have never been worn.
 One day at a time I guess. I will get this mess under control if it kills me. And it just may do that.

And lookie!! I love this color! It's "Deep Fire" from Ace Hardware on the wall and a pale mint on the stool! The house is starting to come together!