Friday, December 16, 2011

Merry Yuletide!

 I love Yule. I feel like Yule and I are right on with each other, we are TIGHT! I love the Sun, I love the Summer and Yule is the day we get to beg/ask/pray for the Sun to return.  We have bon fires/ candles/lights to encourage the Sun to come back. Silly? HELL NO!  I'm sitting here in my apartment while the Sun is teasing me outside. It's really NOT warm out there. it's 25# and looks like you could go outside in shorts! lol I'm so over winter!
Not to mention the kids are having "christmas" shoved down their throats. And Santa. Sure the kids know about Santa but they also know he's pretend. It's FUN to pretend but "Santa" does not give them gifts. Daddy does. Daddy works his ass off so they can have gifts. Sometimes it's HARD being Pagan.