Tuesday, July 19, 2011

herbal infused oils!

This is my infused oil mix, Comfrey, Plantain and Calandula in Organic Olive Oil.  This will be made into Lip Balm when I add bees wax, Vit E Oil, and a few drops of EO. Or into a herbal healing salve when I add Aloe Vera, tea tree oil, Bees wax, and EO.  I made this mix over Memorial Day weekend. It's been setting a good time and I will hopefully have it made into both a lip balm and salve by next weekend. =) Lofty goals. lol

 Next up we have Cayenne, Garlic and onion in organic olive oil. This I just made today and it has to set for at least 2 weeks. I plan to add TTO , bees wax and lemon EO. It is a anti-fungal salve. =)