Friday, December 18, 2009

Washing Diapers

here i am at the mail/laundry room washing the babies' diapers. lol. gives me a bit of a break from the kids.
i'm working on an apron for me, my son and my hubby. Hubby & son's will be real Tree Camo and mine will be jean with yellow lace and sunflowers. =) i should probably make one for the baby since i know she will want one soon. anything her brother has she wants one too. =)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I've been busting my bum trying to get gifts made. I made 2 bib overall aprons, 2 jean back aprons, 12 jean purses and bags ( I should have taken pictures)for a swap I'm in. I made one knit scarf for a MOPS swap.
For my brother's step daughter I made a purple apron with white lace. I'm making his step-son a camo apron and for his bio-daughter I'm making a stuffed monkey.
For my sisters I made ( Nat) a pruple & blue knit hat, glasses & cell phone case. they are wool so she can felt them if she wants. For JJ, I'm kniting a scarf and hat. For my brother I have no clue.
For my son , a monkey and I bought him a keyboard. My daughter will be getting a monkey & a dress. That's it from me. Dustin will probably get them one thing for the 3 total they get from us. Their uncle Dave is buying them Disney movies and only God knows what their grandpa is getting them!
To make room for their new loot we are cleaning out the nursery and giving all the toys they don't play with to the hospital and the WIC office.

mega baby give away!!